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Originally Posted by srhayes View Post
Thanks for the ride report!! I recently went through each of your past reports and loved each one and couldn't wait for a new one. Your pictures are awesome! Keep it coming!
Hey thanks, srhayes! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed even my old reports.

Originally Posted by Biebs View Post
Ok this looks like a staged shot on some hollywood backlot do you expect us to buy this is real??

really love the pictures and your ride report thanks for sharing!!!
Biebs, Some of my shots are staged in the sense that I seek out scenic spots to camp and even think about which direction to park the bike and place the tent that will work best for the photos. That one is a single exposure with the real sky in the background though.

Originally Posted by CaseyB View Post
^ I was going to quote the same pic, awesome. That bush or is it a cacti? on the right looks trippy
CaseyB, The bigger plant behind the bike is a Joshua Tree, a species that pretty much only grows in the Mojave Desert. In front of it is a cholla cactus.
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