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Day 5

I leave town down the same roads I traveled yesterday...

...but they don't feel the same.

I finally reach...

the Mt Trumbull Schoolhouse. I've been inside several times before.

Cow Under the Moon

I head south from the schoolhouse junction onto a road I've never seen.



down I go into Whitmore Canyon.

I pass through an open gate and one I had to open myself.

I see the Bar-10 Ranch and am surprised by how small it appears. It was one small lodge with several smaller buildings behind it.

I didn't stop at the ranch or the bustling airport.

Past the airstrip the road narrows into an ATV trail. The ranch operates ATV tours through here and I passed a group heading back up.
I chat with the friendly ATV guide a few minutes. The tourists all tell me the view is worth the ride.

At this sign look for the road to get a little rougher and steeper.

I keep checking the new part, but its holding all of the fuel in.

Had I mentioned yet I need to re-valve the suspension? The front forks are to harsh and the front wheel is getting deflected all over the place
in all of the loose rocks. It would probably help to have a steering dampener, but the only steering dampener I have are my clenched fists.

There were a few washes to cross...

but I've had so much practice at these this week that they seemed easy.

Finally, the Colorado River comes into view.

Wow! I'm really down in the Grand Canyon!

Actually, the Whitmore Overlook is only 700 feet above the river. There is a four mile hiking trail that even I could probably reach the river with.
I had considered hiking it, but it was almost 100 degrees and I'm not feeling up to it.

Whitmore Overlook Panorama

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