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tune ECU on 2012 LC8

Yes, will work on 2012 990. You will be able to read/reset codes.
You will need the adapter cable, a laptop with a USB port, running XP, Win7 or Win8, (XP requires updated .NET files) or a Mac running Windows emulation. There are specific requirements regarding the USB/Serial virtual driver, see the TuneECU site for install instructions. (Win8 will install the correct one, Win7 or XP will need to have manual install for this step)
-->Check your batt. terminals, clean and tighten
-->Remove headlight fuse to keep current draw to a minimum while connecting/connected.
-->Use the key and not the red handle bar switch to turn your ecu on/off
-->Best to have your power adapter plugged into the laptop and have the laptop charged before connecting to the bike.

There are several threads in the Orange Crush on TUNE-ECU that will help. You can download the software and look at maps without the cable or connecting to a bike. Make sure you download a stock 2011 or 2012 KTM 990 map and load it to see the KTM screens to get familiar with the menus, etc.

Originally Posted by smitty141 View Post
With the Tune ECU software, will I be able to check FI codes stored on my 2012 990?? If not, is there a way to see the code/codes without stopping by the dealer??

I had a FI light the other day, I cycled the key before I counted the blinks. Bike has almost 10,000 miles and the closest twin dealer is 250 miles away.

Thanks for any tips or info.

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