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Originally Posted by Navigare View Post
Hi TobyG, Great Adventure!

Can you share some info: what was paved/dirt road ratio during your trip and how you planed your route to stay on second mostly?
initally I planned on doing 60 to 70% on dirt roads/offroad and only 30 to 40 % on paved roads,
but due to having less time than I originally figured I'd have,
It was more like 30% dirt roads/offroad and about 70 % paved roads

I always "planned" my route the evening before.
For actual Navigation I used my Android phone and a traditional map as an emergency backup.

On my phone, I used two apps which both work offline,
the first one, called Navigator, is the one I used for navigating paved roads, it's a free App, using free maps (I used the Openstreet Maps).
The downside? It turned out to be pretty useless in Albania. All other countries I've been to it worked fine, but it had barely any roads mapped for Albania.

The second one, which I used for navigating dirt roads/offroad, is called "Soviet Military Maps", this App uses, as suggested by it's name, old soviet military maps, which even today are pretty accurate.
The downsides are: You have to pay for it in order to use it offline [it's just ~ 10 , though],
no turn-by-turn navigation [you can set waypoints, then you'll be shown the aerial distance and direction to the waypoint)
and the files are HUGE, if you want the maps to be really detailed.

Hope that helps

Originally Posted by rootsy View Post
The spaceship is amazing! Thank you for the video and images. Safe travels!

Once again, ain't my video ;)

Safe travels?
Always helpful, thanks, you too (Hey, I know you wanna see the spaceship yourself ).

Even though this trip took place in August,
a new (longer) already entered the planning stage, (hopefully) starting next February
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