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That evening we reached Alva. It wasn't easy to find a bed. Most hotels and motels were full. One of the motels had a room but it was way overpriced. So we tried to find something else. Coming out of another full hotel my rear tire caught my eye because it looked a little low. Then I spotted this.

No - not again. What is it in the states? Do you have to throw all the nails you don't need anymore on the street so some poor biker can pick them up? Lets take the overpriced room before I'm out of air, I said to Sandra and off we went.
This is what I pulled out of my tire this time. Not as big as the last nail but still good for 2 holes.

While I was working on the flat the motel started filling up with workers. Lots of pickups and truck were pulling into the parking. One of them came over and asked if I needed any tools. He had alot of them in his truck he said. But I have everything I need with me. When I started pumping up the tire he came again and offered help with the compressor of his truck. I gladly accepted that. We talked a little and of course he had a dirt bike too.

The next morning we were up early. Not that that was our plan, but the workers started firing up their trucks at 5 am. So we got up too, packed, and were on the bikes bevor daybreak. We gased the bikes up and made our way out of town and back to the TAT. By the time we reached the dirt there was enough light to see were you were going. It was good to be on the road early because the weather forecast had said something about rain coming and that it would be in OK at around 4pm.

It was a beautifull sunrise with warm light and the clouds helped create a dramatic sceanery.

The riding was good aswell. Beautifull landscape with the tracks winding through the rolling hills.

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