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Then again we had some Oklahoma straights were you can make good miles.

There were quit some of these old wind driven waterpumps around. Made me think or the old westerns I used to watch on TV when I was a kid. And now I'm here with my horse.


There were some dark clouds in the sky in the early mornig already and soon we were dodging rain showers.

But we were lucky. Althought we got close to the showers sometimes we never got wet. (only a couple of drops, nothing serious)

Strangly the track became small and sandy in one place.

We had gotten pretty far already that day (over 200 miles) when things became interesting. Up to then it was mainly gravel we were riding on and that was no problem. Now the gravel changed to soil and the surrounding became wetter. There was water standing in the ditches between the track and the fields. Often the surface of the trach was dry but all of a sudden your rear wheel would start to break out. Look at the line my bike did.

It was hard to keep your balance and stay on the wheels. The mud was slippery like ice and sticky at the same time. And our almost bald tires didn't help in this situation.

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