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I've had my centre stand drag on the ground while two-up and neither of us are heavy (me 73Kg wife 7 stone).

I've also had the rear bottom out while two-up which surprised me. So I did some checks.

I have an 1190 roadie without ESD (manual suspension), this has a different rear spring rate to the ESD models. From the info in the hand-book I measured the static and rider sag with, (from memory) the spring pre-load set to 4 turns. After careful measurement I arrived at 9 turns on the pre-load adjuster to get the correct static sag. This also gave the correct rider sag as per the hand-book.

Has anybody else tried setting the sag as per the hand-book?

To achieve the correct sag with the correct number of turns on the pre-load adjuster would require a 2.5mm spacer under the spring.

My seat of the pants feeling is that the rear spring is a little soft. Has anybody else a view on this?

I know the ESD has a different spring rate to the manual version and I think it's softer so I can't try one of these.

As an aside I have shortened the centre stand to make it easier to use, especially when loaded.

Interested to hear other views and of course a soft spring will contribute to stand dragging.
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