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Originally Posted by Afry View Post
I was just looking at those after breaking my foot this weekend wearing a pair of Gaerne G Midlands which will now be used for road or easy camping trips.

Crossfires were my first option till I saw these. Still undecided and it will be at least 6 weeks before I'm back on the SE so I have time I guess.
I had a get-off in the sand the other day in which my right foot ended up under the bike and had it not been for these my ankle would have been broken, of that I'm sure. The boot is so strong that it "forced" my ankle not to turn and break as the bike slid and my foot dug in. You could see the rut in the sand where the toe dragged and although it was little drama, I could feel the force on my foot and ankle and afterwards vowed never to ride with anything less than full on MX boots. I was in the middle of the Ocala forest, no cell reception. I still get a little nervous thinking of what could have been.

I still use these to commute to work and the store, but they feel very inadequate:

I sometimes look at my fellow Floridians riding sport bikes in flip flops and I can just shake my head.
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