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Originally Posted by Motor7 View Post
..........So, my question is to those that ride and have ridden a lot...are you experiencing any Tinnitus? Mine is like a herd of Cicadas & you can go to this link to find what sound your head is producing:
Thank you for that link: mine is the "7500 Hz Tone" at about half the volume of that dial.

I have been riding for over 45 years, mostly wearing helmets.
Wearing no ear plugs, I have been working in very noisy environments (metal shops, heavy machinery, construction, airport) and have been in military service (AKM and pistol practices).

My Tinnitus has started about five years ago, and the ear doctor has determined that it is neurological (related to the nerves that connect ears and brain) and that both of my ears have no measurable hearing loss (which coincides with my periodic evaluations at the airport).
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