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Originally Posted by SgtDuster View Post
Wait...did you really turn your DL in just to (try) prove a point?!
Yeah. I'm kinda bull-headed. "Cancelled and Surrendered" is the legal term for what I did with my DL. Received confirmation from DPS that it was cancelled and surrendered.

(EDIT: changed "revoked" to "surrendered" as that is the term I used at the time.)

When neither my state congress-critter, Senator, nor the DPS would provide clarification to written requests it seemed the only way to get the question answered was to take it to the only remaining branch of government.

After trying all three branches all I now know for sure is that the court dismissed the matter. Likely because it can't hear a case about a law that doesn't exist. There was no detailed explanation for the dismissal. The administrators and legislators will send you to the other should you query them. Weasels all. They seem to prefer to avoid answering this question.

For me it was the principle of the thing. The written statutes, once clearly understood, do not support the common misconception that a requirement exists to hold a Driver License for non-commercial operation of a motor vehicle in Texas. This jives with my understanding of the restrictions the federal constitution places on states law-making.

I've invited several to show me otherwise, conclusively, measuring against this definition for the chapter. The absence of a punishment clause or description of any offense for no Driver License is the clincher.

I think the Driver License requirement myth is a cleverly crafted obfuscation. (But, I re-applied for, and again hold one just the same. Life without is too much hassle when everyone else prefers the myth over the fact. Cognitive Dissonance rules!)

This is The Internet. Confirm for yourself anything you may see while visiting this strange and uncertain land.

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