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Ok, put on your tin foil hats for this... Being old and watching this sort of stuff float through over so many years, I'm going to have to point out the obvious motivation of a vendor. Who stands to gain when everyone swaps out their 9X0's for 1190's...besides KTM? I think that the factory is somewhat worried about losing the legions of faithful who are wary of the additional weight, that they are worried about appearing as a follower and manufacturer of another over-technified BMW clone. Good guerrilla marketing would enlist their partners in the products success to pass on the perception that the weight doesn't matter, that it really is better. Repeat the lie/ opinion enough and the masses will begin to accept it as the truth.

Please don't take me the wrong way here, I'm certain the 1190 is a fantastic bike. I just don't think that the way its presented here really reflects any sort of real world practical use. I think that the video is produced to appeal to a sort of, 'gnarley I'm gonna kick ass in the dirt with this thing', perception among potential buyers. The part where they're side by side showing the new bikes greater stability smacks me as BS. Thats more a function of clickers, tire pressure and riding style than anything else. If one wanted to appear a little more wobbly, its simply a factor of riding it that way... When the video then sets the standard of perception that, 'if you're gonna go all out and play all in the dirt, get the 990. But if dual sport is your thing, the 1190 is for you plus its just as good in the dirt', I have to ask myself just how much sense that makes. I don't know about you guys but as a dirt bike the old trusty 9X0 pretty much blows chunks next to my CRF or XCW. That's not to say it isn't a great dual sport, of them all I think its the best! If the video were to say something like, 'this new 1190 is heavier, has a bunch more electronic doodads and more power...and is about as good a dual sport as before, perhaps better on road while giving up some off pavement capability', then I wouldn't expect as many folks to hoard the dealerships to move up. Just my 2 cents.

When they planned the video in their conference room, first and foremost on their list of goals was to sell more Touratech stuff. Not to say that an honest evaluation was much farther down the list of prerogatives, its simply that one must view this sort of thing with a dose of healthy skepticism.
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