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Originally Posted by Dilligaf0220 View Post
I think I read about that on one of those Freemen Of The Land websites...outside of his own delusional universe I can imagine the fun it would be trying to explain that one to a state trooper by the side of the road...
I've seen a lot of that crap too. Loosely based on misinterpretations. Mostly stuff that would cause more trouble than it is worth. However, many of these sites are derived from some kernel of truth.

Those guys want to reform the laws or the government. I just want to play by the rules that are already there.

If what I did is based on delusion, how was it dismissed by the court after attending three hearings on the case?

Perhaps, if the statutes support it and people believe otherwise, the delusion is in the mind of someone else. I think this is more likely the case. People want to believe their public servants are acting based upon the law. This isn't always the case. How many would know the difference? What would most call someone who did, if it differed with what they are comfortable believing?

If the trooper is unaware of the law, it would be foolish to try to dissuade them. I didn't argue with the Deputy who cited me. I just wanted to get cited and take it to the court room, and that is the first step in that journey.

From a perspective of logic and written law I was able to demonstrate that the state has no jurisdiction in the matter of "no driver license." (also have achieved the same result with a speeding ticket. No jurisdiction, case dismissed.)

You are living in a dream world, Neo.

Would you prefer the Red pill or Blue pill?

For me it would be wrong to go along with the charade after I have found the fact of the matter. If others awaken to these facts and take personal responsibility for reigning in false accusations the world would be a better place.

It is always easier just to go along as wrongs are done around us. I can't blame anyone for taking the path of least resistance. It is the natural thing to do. Being a human takes a little more effort as we have the ability to discern wrong, though do not have any obligation to act on it.

This is The Internet. Confirm for yourself anything you may see while visiting this strange and uncertain land.

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