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Originally Posted by Floggingsodr View Post
Dear Motor7, tinnitus is the cumulative result of
Continued noise exposure from day one. Mine is
related to a combination of vocational and recreational
noise exposure. Power tool are among the top offenders.
At first after reading Fred Rau's Touring Bible I thought
His contention of wearing plugs was FOS as I rode a
relatively quiet bike (K1200 LTC). Just traded for a R1200GS.
Big difference in noise signature! So I wear my plugs religiously.
As an Audiologist I worried about the safety aspect, however,
Not hearing is not safe either. The only bummer is being
plugged I Hear my tinnitus all ride long.
I have both tinnitus and some hearing damage. It started 4 years ago.

Every time I am around gun fire, loud motorcycles, chainsaws etc it gets worse (ie the ringing gets louder)

It is so loud I can hear it over the gas lawn mower.

My shrink has me on klonopin so I can sleep.

Ear plugs help it not get worse, that is it. When I have plugs in, my perception of the ringing is that it is even louder. Hence, I like to sleep with other noise around (white noise machine and TV).

I'm quite the advocate of hearing protection now.
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