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Here's an idea...

Originally Posted by Pete640 View Post
I have heard from a very reliable source that the 990 Adv platform bike isnt dead and buried just yet. Skunkworks info is that it (a seriously updated version) will make an appearance at the milan bike show next year (2014).
Seems KTM wanted to update it but not clash with the 1190 release.

Rumor or just the cold hard facts..... Which do you prefer to believe??
They could release a limited edition LC8 Adventure SE called the 790 Adventure SE ( so what it's a 990). Make it the best of the SE with a functioning Rally Fairing. They could lighten it up to get it below 400lbs., say 390 lbs. Give it a skidplate, larger split tanks with quick release hardware... on everything. Quick release on the plastic, axels, panels. And add the PDS rear adjustable suspension. Lighter/ stronger swingarm. Lighten up some internals.. Stealth out the known issues.

Strengthen subframe...

And make a DECENT seat.

Let KTM use this opportunity to develop a nice lighter, stronger chassis for a possible future sub 800cc bike.

But for now, make this pseudo "790" Adventure Super Rally the ultimate "SHIT" in a twin adventure bike. And nickname it the "Africa Twin Killer".
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