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Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
If car number 1 is turning left blocking traffic, it is OK to go around. What if there is another car behind them waiting to go straight? Something tells me that would be pushing it, and likely get me an "illegal pass" ticket.
i will sometimes pass on the right in that situation, but can be a bit sketchy from a safety standpoint. (not sure about the legality...i doubt it is legal around here, though.)

sometimes the driver of the car waiting to go straight has an epiphany at some point and realizes he can pass on the right, too. and then he just swings out to the right without looking to see if anyone is passing him on the right. if you are beside him at that "aha!" moment...

so i only do it if there is a lot of room, and i can get by quickly...and i'm in a hurry for some reason.
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