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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
The government has the right to control use of public assets.
Do you have a reference to substantiate this claim?

Unless you consider people and their liberty as "public assets" I can't quite understand your statement.

As to the whys and wherefores;

The state has the right to regulate commerce.

They have an obligation to maintain the public roadways, because the people voted to collect taxes on fuel sales for that purpose.

No state shall pass any law impairing the obligation to contract. (meaning that people can contract aspects of their liberty and freedom away if they choose to. DL, SSN, Military enlistment, public office, etc.)

No state shall pass any law that impairs the rights reserved by the people. (life, liberty, property, guns, secure from unlawful searches and seizures, that sort of thing)

Some of these concepts are from that troublesome document those old fogies wrote back in the late 1700s. Probably not applicable any more.

Might be worth a read though, just to come up to speed.

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