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I've got two boys ages 9 and 4 and they both beg to ride on the back of the bandit. The 4 year old can't touch the pegs, so he only goes around the block in first gear. The 9 year old thinks he's the coolest kid in school when we roll up on the Bandit. I've taken him on some 50 mile rides close to home but I'm hyper vigilant and take it real easy with him on board. I dread the thoughts of them even driving cars/trucks when they get 16. But, I have this recurring dream of me and the boys taking dual sports on a TAT ride. I would have LOVED if my dad would have ridden when I was a kid. So for the boys, I think dirt bikes until driving age and then dual sports if they are still interested. Maybe a Ninja 250 or similar for a graduation present. After that, if they want a street bike, they pay for it and make their own choices.

To be honest, I have had the thought that I'm leading them into a dangerous hobby. Of course, I've also been eyeing powered paragliders lately and would love to try it. In the end, I don't want to deny my kids something that I enjoy just because it is dangerous.
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