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Originally Posted by PPiA View Post
The prefilters are a course foam that will not stop much dust, but will stop heavier particles getting in.
There are two filters to stop the dust placed where the stock filter was.

UniFilter claim their system was designed to flow the same amount of air as the stock filter.

I think there is a lot of over reaction going on here.
Yes, if you did a deep water crossing where the intakes went under, you would get water in the airbox.
Yes, if you did drown it, you would need to spend a bit longer taking the extra stuff off to get to it.

But how many of you will actually try to do deep water crossings on one?
I agree.. when i got the uni filter added at the first service, even bolt on said we didn't bother putting the socks in because they can be too restrictive..

I will try a deep river crossing on mine if its in my way but it just means if its real deep ill keep an eye on the front and a finger on the kill switch just in case..

I think for a hybrid sports / adventure bike, your going to have some elements that are from either side.. and the air intake in this case sports..

it isnt all bad though.. i think we will be using its roar power 99% of the time in comparison to river crossings :P

as they say, you cant have your cake and eat it too.. well you can but the cake may taste better than it looks or vice versa.. :P
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