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Here's my paper specs...

No whining here OLD TIMER when you got this:

But yeah, who wouldn't want 70 lbs shaved off?

And Honda's coming out with their new Africa Twin next year to stir up some trouble... didn't you hear... eh?

Originally Posted by wpbarlow View Post
Face it folks- wrt a twin, the SE is about the best/closest thing to the bike several (and it is just several) of you are clamoring for. And we all know how successful (from a sales pov) the SE was.

So if you're serious, stop yer whining, get an SE, and modify to your heart's content. You'll probably wind up spending less than what KTM would charge if they built what you say you want.

Granted, it's more work than telling KTM what they should build , but you'll have the advantage of winding up with a real bike instead of a bunch of paper specifications.
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