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The visit to Rajneeshpuram was interesting although I sure wish I would have gone to see the site a year or two after it was abandon rather than this many years later when it is so much different. The one thing that is remains the same is it is very remote.

Rainbow007 lived in Iowa during the 80s and she didnít remember hearing of the things taking place in Oregon. She was busy doing other things and not glued to the TV. Meanwhile MTLee was in Montana and she said she vaguely remembered a little bit of it but it was clear that the orange robed cult in Oregon didnít make the impact on them that it did me. But they were more than willing to go check out the site so it was a fun being there with them.

Seeing things after they changed so much is a good reminder that changes happen and sometimes rapidly. If I want to see something how it is when I develope an interest in it I need to get out there and see it now rather than waiting thinking those sites will remain the same.

It was hot, not as hot as the first day we were out, but it was still plenty hot. At Clarno we needed to take a little break. I like the arched bridge over the John Day River.


At the east side of the bridge is a rest area, boat launch and a good place for a short break. We didn't stay long because it was too hot to stay still.

My plan was to ride a road that goes north of the John Day Fossil Bed but I didnít spot the road and I was too hot to mess with turning around to go look for it once I realized I missed the turn. Itís one of those things I will have to go back and do again. We stayed on Hwy 218, which isnít a bad road to ride.

Things opened up but it didnít matter because by this time I just wanted to get to Fossil for fuel, lunch and air conditioning.

Fuel in Fossil

Lunch time in a nice cool restaurant.


The walls were decorated with saws.



Beautiful downtown Fossil

Enjoying the flowers along the way

I donít think I would hire a painter that needs to paint the building they work out of.


We were on our way again and we needed to get some where and find a place to stay for the night.


Look at that pretty new pavement. It contrasts nicely with the gold wheat field. I sure hope we donít get it dirty with our dirty motorcycles.


We made our way to Heppner, OR where we stayed for the night.
I like the murals on this building which houses a museum.


After we got checked in we went for a walk looking for a place for dinner. We wanted pie for dinner.

Nice courthouse.


We walked around town but the only place open we could find to eat was the bowling alley and they didnít have pie. We found a convenience store and thought we could find a hostess pie but they didnít even have that. No pie for us.

This is where we stayed for the night.


After having the guy yell at us for one bike being on the sidewalk in Maupin I wasnít comfortable having my bike on the sidewalk but the owner of the motel said it was OK. Meanwhile there were two shiny motorcycles parked on the street right in front of where our bikes are parked, a Harley and a Goldwing.
Heppner is a nice town and I enjoyed the stay.
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