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So after a short period of no problems after installing a new battery, my 990 has decided to take a dump on me again, and continues to misbehave after quite a bit of messing about. Same symptoms:

- Lights come on, tach sweeps, etc.
- Press the starter button, no click, no hum, nothing
- Press the starter button with the kickstand up, clutch in, bike in neutral, same
- Honk horn, press starter button, bike starts (sometimes)
- Press starter button w/jumper cables attached from a running engine, bike starts

What I've done thus far:
- Replaced battery with a new, fresh Yuasa YTZ14s
- Replaced regulator/rectifier with a new unit from Ricks Motorsport
- Replaced starter button assembly/wiring (fortunately I was doing this anyway to install the KTM LED lights)
- Replaced auxiliary starter relay
- Checked & tightened all grounds on the wiring harness & positive connection to starter
- Checked starter relay for cracks, damage, etc. - nothing
- Checked for obviously frayed/damaged wires in the harness - nothing

This evening after buttoning the bike up I decided to ride up to my girlfriend's place since it had been starting fine all afternoon. It cranked up and ran fine for the 40 minute ride. Parked, turned off, and then tried to turn it on again, and when I pressed the starter button - nothing. Honked the horn and it started right up.

One more detail that may or may not be relevant - when it wouldn't start yesterday, I removed all but the fuel system, power & starter fuses, and it still wouldn't start, so I don't think it is a fault in the horn wiring.

At the main starter relay, power is being delivered to the harness, but when it refuses to start the relay is not closing and no power is delivered to the positive starter connection.

I'm just guessing, but perhaps my next step is to try replacing the main starter relay?

Any other ideas? This has really got me at my wits end.


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