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Originally Posted by flyingdutchman177 View Post
It was bound to happen.
It is just an evolution that can't be helped.
Like Arnold Swartzenhagger
He started out as our Governor with all the right intentions. He wanted to cut out the fat in the bureaucracy but the teachers union and the Indians lashed back at him.
Unfortunately, he had to soften his position to try and make everyone happy.
But the truth is, you can't make everyone happy.
So I am just focused on myself right now.

Posting my shit on the walls made me laugh and I hope it made a few others too.
And my experience with the Albanians was not so good but I just wanted to be clear that my opinion was based upon a small sample size and when I go back, I hope to find a that my feelings have changed
Made me laugh, would like to meet you someday. I needed a hero. lol
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