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We had a couple of downs and going was slow. At some points your rear wheel would just be spinning but the bike would not move an inch.

Then came a turnoff and the map showed a real road near by. But because we are not so smart we decided to go on. It has to get better. It didn't. We came to a really wet and muddy part but the field next to the track seemed to be much dryer. So I took my chances and jumped the ditch. The riding in the field went good. We drove through weed up to our hips but we were moving. Then I noticed that the track looked better again and decided to get back on it again. I opend the throttle and wanted to plow through the water filled ditch. Big mistake. I made it into the ditch but that was it. I got stuck. Puttig my feet down I could feel the muddy water run into the top of my boots. The mud was soggy as hell. Once I put a foot down it was hard to lift it again. I tried to get the bike out by pushing it. The rear wheel would spin but although Sandra would help pushing the bike would not move. F... I took all the luagage off and tried to lift the front wheel to get it into a better direction. I pulled and pulled and after a while the mud would loosen its tight gripp but just to grab the wheel again as soon as I put it back down. I was feeling defeat crawling up inside my head. So I gave it another try and pushed with all my might and Sandras help and all of a sudden the bike started moving. Just don't stop was my only thought. And I did make it onto solid ground. This whole battle took about two hours and as always in such situations - no pictures. We were covered with mud from the spinning wheel and had boots full of water. It was time to get out of here. The next turnoff to tarmac was ours and we were glad to get something rideable under the wheels again.

The bikes and we were a mess. We had to get the mud off before it dryed to concrete.

Elkhart in Kansas was not to far away so that was our stop for the night.
We were lucky. next door to the motel there was a car wash and next to that there was a laundry. So we checked in leaving some mud pieces in the reception and went to the wash.

It took 2 dollars to get the bikes and our pants and boots half way clean.
Then we went, had a shower, put some clean and dry cloths on, and then threw all our bike gear into a washing machine.

The motel owner told me that they had had as much rain in the last days as they usually have in three years. That explains some things.

In the evening new dark clouds appeared in the sky. The owner told us to put the bikes under the roof because there was more rain coming.

Just look at those clean KTMs.

It did rain quit a bit that night and in the morning we decided that there was no point in returning to the TAT under these conditions. So we did the last miles of Oklahoma on the street.

At least the weather was good again. Maybe a bit cool.

To warm up we stopped for breakfast after a while.

And then we finally made it. We reached New Mexico - our destination for this trip.

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