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Originally Posted by flying_junk View Post
Two guys on motorcycles, speeding, are not a risk to anyone but themselves. You can't arrest someone because they might kill someone else. They have to first hurt somebody before you can take away their rights. Besides, speed limits are generally set too low, and the laws that govern the roads don't necessarily reflect safety.
Well there are plenty of (mostly 3rd world) countries in the world, where you can easily see, how that actually works.

I´ve ridden in over 50 countries in my life, and by far the most pleasant riding experiences (traffic-wise) for me have been the ´western´ countries, like Europe, US, and Australia, where people generally obey the rules. Other places may have been even greater experiences in other ways, but traffic in those countries could more or less always be described as “poor” to “downright horrible”, and it has also been by far the biggest risk to get into any serious trouble on my travels.

Some people will never understand, what good could possibly come out of it, when traffic laws are ´too tight´ in their opinion. But I suggest you go check it out, how the ´really relaxed´ traffic laws work in reality.

Or maybe what you actually mean is, that YOU should have different rules to everyone else? In that case nothing but growing up a little will help.

(Just my 0.02.)
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