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Day 6

I slept later this morning and made myself a hot breakfast.

I head back out on Toroweap RD. I only have 2 nearby points I'm gonna try to find today.
Son-of-a-bitch Point is on most maps now as SB point. I hope to camp at Kanab Point.

The 4x4 forums I researched indicated the obvious routes out to SB Point were now closed. I take the route that appears on Google Maps to be the most heavily traveled. It wasn't long before I found a corral built right across the original road. A faint detour was available. Parked near the corral was a commercial truck and flatbed. I could see a bulldozer working on the road ahead. I go through an open gate (probably left open by the bulldozer operator) and drop down a sandy bank into a wide sandy wash or lakebed. The bulldozer had been busy piling up sand into an elevated roadway through the wash. It was soft stuff. I realized I was probably not on a through route, so I back-tracked.

A short time later I found the road out to Kanab Point. Maybe the route to SB Point can be found off of this road?

Shoot. This is an easy road. I'll be to Kanab Point in no time...

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