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A friend, a Good Man and a great motorcyclist gone

I'm so glad I finally bought a bike from Randy after all these years of talking bikes and trading stories. We had just exchanged e-mails that morning about the modifications he was doing to it for me. I was blessed to be able to pick up the Thruxton and ride it to the visitation and services in honor of him.

Randy worked on my 79 CBX in his garage long, long ago and after he put a particularly aggressive 6 into 1 pipe on it, he told me he could here me coming from halfway across town! In all my years in the military and away from El Dorado Springs, I always tried to stop by and say 'Hi!' when I was home, it was a 'must do' for me each time. Randy always liked hearing my stories and the last time I was back, I told him how proud I was to know him, a local boy who made it big. I was proud to know a guy who had made it on his own and built a business that had so many employees who all depended on him. Sheesh. We must have talked for hours about our different motorcycle experiences.

I know, because he told me, he could have moved to more lucrative business locations several times, but El Dorado Springs was his home and he enjoyed it there.
I will miss you Randy. May the wind always be in your face and you ride into the hereafter.

I proudly add Randy's Thruxton to my sig below.
Let's settle this the old-fashioned Navy way, first guy to die; loses.
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