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first just to say what an incredible thread..............i have been reading it and re-reading it and it is super explanatory in every way, so well done big time and mucho appreciated.

i wasn't sure where to put this stupid question so if this is the wrong place i do apologise in advance.

my stupid question relates to the exhaust on a 2008 r1200gs..................i have the bog standard that comes with the bike.............but i thought i would really like a super noisy burbly type of noise and on other bikes i have the arrow exhaust...............however i have checked out many places online for more info on this topic but it is a bit sketchy (either that or i'm not good at searching !) i find that i feel safer (!) if riding a bike with a big noise level and would like to upgrade/change but would really appreciate any and all advice on this matter, even if the advice is to leave well enough alone !

also, i'm a big fan of Tagesk and like himself i just love the Italian lifestyle and all it offers..............unfortunately i only can travel there and back from ireland, at least for the moment, but any chance i get i'm big thank you for all the adventures too Tagesk.

kind regards and if you guys are EVER in the area of the west/north west of ireland be sure to let me'll be very welcome for sure !
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