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[QUOTE=Moronic;22580238]You guys are amazing! Thanks again.

By accident I have come across free video footage of Marquez's highside at Lukey. Well, I suppose it's on as well by now. However, the MotoGP website has it towards the end of a piece where the riders comment on the new surface.

The vid is here. First three-quarters is nothing but talking heads. The Marquez crash starts about 1:35.

Probably the angle but I can barely believe how early he is getting on the throttle in there....

We were flagging at that point in 2011, and we didn't even have to look, we could tell from the sound it was Stoner. Lighting it up from turn in, for a full flat track, opposite lock power slide over the top. And black marks from the front on the way one else even close....(Simo working on it...)

Mayhaps MM been watching vids?

That's it for me.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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