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Originally Posted by speed_racer View Post
I just found this site on working bolt strengths.. it seems the tiny 6mm isnt so weak after all..

So it takes 24550 newtons to break a 6mm bolt = 5519 pounds or 2503 kg hit.. given that website is correct..

any engineers want to confirm?
Shear strength and ultimate tensile strength are two different things. Both of these vary significantly depending on the material the bolt is made from and how it is heat treated.
It's possible those bolts could be subjected to both forces depending on how the sidestand was hit. Also note that there are very long levers involved that magnify the forces significantly (for example if the distance between the bolts was 1.5" and the stand 15" long, the forces might be 10 times higher). Acceleration due to gravity and the speed of the bike also increase the forces. All this is speculative...the real world is a large target sample (thousands of new owners) and lots of testing (thousands of miles of rocky trails). So you guinea pigs...uh...astute 1190 owners....who bought the first year model, get out there and ride em like they were meant to be and we will take notes...
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