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Laws are just squiggly lines on paper. They are not animate. They can do nothing in and of themselves. Well, other than make those who would be unwilling to take steps on their own feel good about having "someone else" keep the world safe for them.

A common mindset, born from mutual respect, knowledge, and understanding of the risks and rewards is the only thing that will ever make a difference.

When our popular media glorifies the outlaw lifestyle it becomes attractive to impressionable minds. They imitate it, hoping for the reward their "heros" get.

We are what we eat, they say, and it is doubly true of our minds. What we feed our thoughts influences how we will perceive the world.

I don't think folks give full credit to this, and put a constant flow of data into their brains which simply won't deliver the experience they are led to want.

People grow up "training" their minds on Grand Theft Auto and such. Is it any wonder that they behave the way they do? Is this not an extension of the game that brought them so much fun?

This is The Internet. Confirm for yourself anything you may see while visiting this strange and uncertain land.

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