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Originally Posted by Country Doc View Post
Any thoughts on how the overtaking of bikes by four-wheeling vehicles will be handled? Is there any kind of a warning system? Any worries about safety in that regard?
Our plan is to start the cars hours after the bikes, and split some of the stages towards the end so bikes and cars are on different tracks. We may also make the car course a bit longer than the bike course to add to the separation.

Also, some of the stages will be mostly dunes and HP towards the end if not the full length. In those cases you won't be stuck on a road with a berm or cliff on each side. So, any car that might be approaching would likely be taking their own path that doesn't coincide with yours, and they have the freedom to go well around you. In addition, it's tough to make dust in sand, so visibility in most areas should be excellent.

So, overall I think the mix of bikes and cars will be a non-issue.
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