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Originally Posted by Motor7 View Post
Your statement is contradictory. So are you and others here advocating that we here in the US do away with all traffic laws? Or all traffic laws for motorcycles? Or just the one's that you disagree with or "question"? I agree with you, crime & stupidity are rampant, so what is your answer this problem?

Somewhere on ADV someone posted a copulation of motorcycle crashes/accidents that is an hour an a half long. I watched the whole thing and besides the unsurpassed stupidity of some of the riders/drivers, the thing that most amazed me was the way people drive in other countries that obviously have no or very little traffic gates of hell with utter chaos.

Y'all are right, most of the time only motorcycle riders suffer injuries. But, excessive motorcycle speed has killed many pedestrians and cage drivers in the past and will continue to do so...I have see the aftermath many times with my own eyes. Here is just one of many that you can find with googlefingers:

I can say this, I don't want to live in a country that has no traffic laws.

No one said that there should not be ANY traffic laws.
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