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Ouch! Good thing you didn't smash your head into the bumper while scrambling out from under the jeep. But dully noted, I will be wearing ear plugs when welding in the future. That would have hurt like a banshee.

Two years ago I had tubes put in my ears - the kind kids normally get for frequent ear infections. The first one was put in by an ENT specialist who did it regularly. A few anesthetic drops, a quick cut in the ear drum, an unnerving experience of getting the excess fluid vacuumed out of the ear drum - I was worried he'd remove some grey matter in the process, then in pops the tube. 5 minutes and no fuss.

The first tube ended up working great - the doctor put it in as a long shot guess to help my severe hyperacusis. Being in a room with more than four people talking at normal levels was now bearable.

So I went to get the other ear done. Only I was in a different province which did not have approval for use of the anesthetic drops. So long story short, I put up with four needles getting jammed in and around my ear drum, then the less than competent doctor spent forever with that knife down my ear. Spent a week cleaning blood out. Not as painful as slag in the ear. Thankfully it was worth the hassle though. Even now after the tubes have come out, my sensitivity to noise is much less.
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