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Day 102 103 104 105

Day 102 Sailing

The guy I did meet when I was going to Panama City is from Spain and he is on an Around The World trip his name is Marcos Verges Tortras and has a blog: he has been to a lot of places and has a lot of very interesting stories, take a look at his site if you can.
Marcos on the Lancha.

Me on the Lancha with a big relieve and not believing we actually made it with the bikes

We had breakfast in the shack and were taking back to the boat where we did meet the other 16 passengers, on board Captain Michel gives his welcome speech and instruction on proper toilet use because this will be of major importance if we wish to arrive without issues. Then we sailed for about 2hrs to this little group of islands where we could snorkel and swim to the islands and this is also where we will stay for the night, by late afternoon the first Halloween party started amongst the young crowd and that was some party, the older generation laid a bit back but we did finish it.

Day 103 Sailing

Did more swimming and got a good sun burn, the sun out here is brutal. We sailed for 1hr to the next group of Islands where the Immigration officials did come on board and we are cleared to leave the country, later that afternoon we are brought by speed boat to the biggest Island for a BBQ meal and of course more party time.
The young crowd in there Halloween costumes.

On board the boat I share a bunk bed cabin with Marcos and it is very warm under the deck because none of the windows are allowed to open, luckily there is a fan above your head to provide some cooling or it would have been imposable to stay in there.

Day 104 Sailing

Sailed to the final set of Islands before the big crossing and Marcus giving his thumps up

Saying goodby to the Island.

Captain Michel gives his speech about how rough the sea can get and safety instruction. The crossing for the Independence usually takes 30hrs but could be in heavy weather an extra day, so time to batten down the hatches and prepare for some excitement, this of course is enough reason for the young crowd to really start a good party inside and that was according to the Captain one for the books. Luckily the sea remained very calm and we had no head winds at all, by morning we are told that this will be the fastest crossing ever and before night fall we will see land. That afternoon the Captain decides to stop the boat since we are making such good time so that we can go swimming in the sea once more and get to feel how this is because the water is only 3km deep. Around 5pm we see land and come to port around 9pm, the Captain confirms that the total sailing time was 23hrs and this was his fastest trip, the sailing gods were in our favour.

Day 105 Sailing / Columbia

I get-up around 5:30am and start untying the bike for the next part of this adventure, both our bikes need to be lowered into a small dingy one by one and then brought to shore where we will have to lift them over the railing or so we are told. The Captain decides to put the dingy up against some rocks instead and we are told to push the bike over the front edge onto the rocks, with the four of us pushing and pulling we manage but only by gods grace does this work without any incident, this whole process is such a make shift operation and I can't believe that we pulled it off and then to think that this has been going on for years. Once on land and after saying all our goodby's we head off to Aduana and wait for the boats agent to show because he has all our paperwork including passport, after waiting for an hour he shows up and has already handled Immigration so now it's only the Import of the bike process, luckily this only takes another 45min, and we pay him $35 for his services. Off into town to find a Hostel or something, after some searching we find good lodging at the Iguana's House, where it's only $15 for a private room, we then head out to the Insurance company to get our SOAT for Columbia, and it's for 1 month and cost $22 US, we also find out that if you hit someone (person) your okay but if you hit anything else your not covered, so we figure if you do hit a car just walk up to the rider and then punch him in the face your save.

More to come, the Internet is not always working.

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