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While we are on the subject....I had an interesting "moment" yesterday. Mig welding a receiver hitch on a my neighbors Jeep. I was on my side, doo rag(to keep the hair from bursting into flames...don't ask), Hood on(to keep from blinding myself), gloves(so the slag does not land on my ring and melt into it...don't ask), long sleeves with tight cuffs(to keep the slag from getting in there and burning the arms), eyeglasses(so I can actually see what I am doing)...... ear plugs?...nawww, don't need those...welding is not a loud....right???

Since I could not clean some of the areas up under there I was welding dirty metal, which causes splatter, which launches in all directions in very small balls of "liquid hot magma" One of these tiny meteors landed on my left ear, which in itself causes discomfort, but then I felt it bounce around like a roulette ball from one side of my ear to the other. Then, yep HOLE IN ONE, right down the rabbit hole. I shoot out from under the jeep while ripping off helmet, doo rag, eyeglasses and a few fillings. Neighbor was standing there drinking bottled water, grabbed it and drowned the Titanic boiler room that had erupted in my ear. Some searing, but it did not reach my ear drum....wheeeew

So, later I tell the wife the story, without hesitation, she says, "should stayed on your would have just rolled out the other ear"
Your wife is awesome - good line!
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