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I downshift because I like to have my engine spooled up a bit before entering a turn. I let the clutch out between each shift so I can judge whether I am in the right gear or not, one gear too many could over rev the engine or possibly cause the rear end to step out.

I've never taken any race training, but I like to have the motor wound up in a curve so that I can get some good engine braking if needed and get some good acceleration on my way out. I think that when the motor is spooled you have to stay on the throttle to keep speed, and that keeps driveline lash to a minimum.
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When I was growing up we didn't wear seatbelts, bicycle helmets, and didn't have nerf playgrounds. We learned that stupid hurts at a young age. How did we survive without the nanny state?
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When I was a kid you probably would have gotten beaten up for showing up with a helmet.
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