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If you remember to turn off the petcock almost every time you turn the engine off. Also the location of the pump will influence if it vapor locks or if the tanks run dry they tend to have a hard time repriming. One of the other challenges with these pumps is the pressure is all over the place. The problem with this is related to the float needles not being able to hold off much pressure greater than 3-4 PSI. Stock FP is 1.5-2 from the Mitzu pump.

The modern electronic pumps that have stop check valves in them are reliable and will keep the fuel from passing by the pump when its not energized. They also maintain fuel pressure at 1.5-2.5.

Two options:

DR_Bean OEM pump upgrade. ~$60 +/- Works very well, takes some skill to install. Fits in the OEM location and doesn't require any other modification.

Facet 40171: ~$60 +/-, works very well, requires modification of mounting and plumbing, tight fit to the skid plate
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