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just a few more miles,eh?
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I got my first bike at 54. I looked online for a Honda under $2000. A GL500 Interstate came up- low miles, $1400. Bingo! Just what I wanted. Cheap, comfortable, reliable and had saddlebags because I knew I wanted to tour.I rode that bike around Montana one summer and then to Alaska the next spring. 8 years later, I am up to a Concours 1400... And I've ridden about 100,000 miles, including 8 trips to Mexico. I learned off road in 2008, and have ridden the Copper Canyon 5 times since then. I put 32,000 miles on a KLR in 4 years. My "peak" ride was October 2012- I rode an '84 GoldWing to Oaxaca and back- 5200 miles of gorgeous ride.

I wish I had started younger, but I may not have survived it..... I encourage everyone to ride- you're never too old to start. Its given me a passion and a focus.i feel a sense of accomplishment when I ride tricky roads on a monster bike..... I keep saying when I get too old to throw my leg over a bike, I will get a 650 scooter and keep riding.
GL500,GL650, VFR700, ST1100' KLR650, DL650, GL1100, GL1200, KLX250, Concours 14. Still own and ride the last 3.
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