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Winter is almost here, but hey, now the beemer pulls much better from lower revs...

I finally got my long awaited IICE Air a few days ago. Was I cheesed-off for waiting almost 6 month for the bloominí thing? Of course I was, but...
Installation wise: 3 panels to remove, 2 plugs to connect and, voila!, the whole process took no longer than the indicated 15 minutes. A doodle!
Now, does it do what it says on the can when you start-up the tracktor? A loud and adamant: YES!
Jim, you might be a lazy bum who has no business acumen whatsoever to help you realise what potential goldmine youíre using as a long-chair in the sun by your pool, and the skill to streamline a production process of a lump of blackcurrant jam, but youíre a damní good engineer... The frigginí thing works the part!
It might increase fuel consumption a little (well, in earnest it does the combustive mix richer, and it doesnít do that by investing in sub-prime derivatives as it learned the hard way - as we all did - that this doesnít work, but by increasing the amount of.... yes, fuel! to the mix). But as Iím not about to cross the Gobi desert Iím not particularly concerned with mileage per tank.
What the Air is actually very good at doing is smoothing power delivery at low revs in such a way that pot-pot-ing along picturesque English villages at walking pace in 2nd became all of a sudden not only possible but also enjoyable. For those not interested in such trifle let it be noted that opening the gas on exit from tight bends when in the process of shaming head-to-toes leather clad (knee sliders included) posers riding sport bikes is also a greatly improved experience as the pull-away is much more linear and thus more controllable. All in all, twisting the throttle open from lower revs feels smoother and more continuous which is a definite improvement over the "standard" behaviour of the '05 GS12 power-plant (with a Remus exhaust in my case)
So, to sum it up: after beginning to fear that it will never show up, the IICE Air finally did and in a matter of a few short hours of riding made me forget all the frustration accumulated while waiting for it.
What's certain is that I will definitely plan ahead for a looong wait when ordering the IICE Cool...
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