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Yep, if it was sitting for 8 months with clean oil in it I would run with that oil for sure. It's not out of date and changing it costs money and wastes resources (No I'm not a greenie but seriously, that's brand new oil you'd be tossing!)

If you filled up with non-ethanol gas and added stabilizer I'd run the gas as well. I'm not certain how finicky the 950's carbs are but I've run real gas that old without issue on many other carbed bikes. On the other hand if you think the gas is questionable no harm in filling up the car with it and get fresh for the bike.

Oh and I'm in the always drain oil warm camp. Running before draining helps get the contaminants in suspension so they come out with the oil. The only time I would drain cold would be if the motor had ingested a good bit of water.
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