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Day 1

We had decided to leave for the trip after work on Day 1 & only make it to Lakeside, OR where nvoelsch has a cabin. So naturally, I spent the previous evening packing the bike up. Well, not exactly. I packed part of it up & while grabbing the top bag to start packing it up, I smelled that unmistakable smell of ammonia. Yep...Jada (my cat) is pissed about something (see what I did there?). I hosed it off, but still couldn't get all of the smell, so I decided to leave it for the evening & clean it out with neutralizer in the morning.

Day 1 was was like most days. I woke up and Luke (my dog) & I went walking. Upon arriving back at my house, I took the neutralizer to the dry bag & left it hanging to dry in the back yard. Anyone with cats will understand when I say that cleaning cat piss out of anything isn't easy, and this dry bag was no different. I got most of it, but when opening & closing it, I got the most faint aroma of ammonia. Oh'll make a great story! Then I went to work...slaving away at my day job & using my lunch break to pack the rest of the bike up. I counted down the hours until 5 o'clock when I could sign out, gear up & get the hell outta Dodge. Finally it arrived. I took off for the gas station & then to meet Rick & nvoelsch at nvoelsch's house.

We sat around long enough for nvoelsch to get his bike out of the garage and take a few pictures. Then we headed out...toward Florence, OR. This part of the ride was pretty uneventful. Seriously, we were just trying to get to Lakeside before it got too terribly late.

They had both been telling me about the hike to get to the cabin from the road, but I didn't believe it. Not until I got there anyway. nvoelsch walks over to the top of the stairs & with a flip of a switch, the entire staircase was lit up. I couldn't get a good picture that night, but I took one the next morning. This is what I went up & down a total of 5 times...getting my luggage off the bike & then back on it.

Holy's true. There really ARE 111 stairs. And let me tell you, carrying a week's worth of camping/motorcycling gear up & down this stair case was no easy feat. Rick even said it, "at least you're still getting your workout even if you can't walk your normal 2 miles." Yeah, I would've rather walked 2 miles of mostly flat terrain than this torture.

Now...what made these stairs all worth it was nvoelsch's provisions inside the cabin. The refrigerator was mostly full (not with food) & his book of cocktail recipes would keep us busy for quite some time.

I opened my dry bag to pull out my maps, and sure enough...faint angry kitty aroma. This week is going to be fun. Over drinks, we started looking at maps. nvoelsch pitched his loose routes to us & we agreed that it was a good idea. Tomorrow would be a long day, so we all stumbled to bed around midnight.

Day 1 Route:

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