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The last couple of days have been a bureaucratic nightmare. Well maybe not that bad, but boring as hell none the less. So hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen while I now write about the whole affair to bore the shit out of you.

As you saw in the last post, the rains came. This slowed me somewhat, as I was trying to reach the ferry on tuesday. Well I truly missed that one. No problem thursday it is. Mr Olympia came roaring into La Paz first thing thursday morning after having broke down twice on the way. His carb is now held together with super glue and J.B, or is it J.P weld? As one of the little supports for the float decided it was time to have a lay down. Now this may sound like I know what I am talking about, but I don't wan't to give off a false pretense. I have no idea how to fix a carb. When Mr Olympia shat the bed on the side of the HWY I just pushed him to the first house I saw and knocked on the door asking for help. The lady there sent me in the direction of someone else, who sent me to another and so on, until I knew most of the village. Finally I knocked on the right door and help was on the way. That night the carb had its first rebuild. Now Mr Olympia was coughing and splattering, not running like the champ that he is, more limping like a beaten dog. Strong as he is though, he limped for around 100kms to the next town. Where I found a moto mechanic. This guy brought Olympia back to fine health.
Now being mid wednesday afternoon we powered south to just outside La Paz where we set up camp for the night.


On arriving in La Paz I headed to the airport to get my passport stamped. Not possible I was told, and sent to the immigration office in the city. Here is where my torment began. From the office I was sent to fill out a form online, which I failed to do correctly, thus being denied. So I thought fuck it! I will be able to blag my way on to the ferry with out the right paper work. So we raced off to try and catch the ferry. Well I guess my wheeling and dealing is not what it used to be, as there was noway I was getting on that boat with out the correct paper work. So back to the office I went, which was now shut. So the following day was spent messing up one document at a time. Finally they took pity on me and started to help out. To be honest it was not such a big deal just left a paper trail as long and boring as a russian literary masterpiece.
The moral to this saga is. If you come to Baja and plan on going to Mainland Mexico get your stamps at the boarder you cross in from. Gone are the days of doing it with ease in La Paz.
Fingers are crossed to leave on the sunday ferry. Think I will sleep on the docks tonight just to be sure not to miss that darn boat again.
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