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Day 6: To Kanab Point

I remembered the trail to Kanab Point being a two-track. Maybe this road becomes one later...

I was having fun on the graded roller coaster...

Until I looked down and realized I had passed the turnoff by 4 miles.
I made the mistake here of unfolding the large paper map in the high and gusty winds.
I was kneeling down in the road fighting with the map when a truck pulled up. The two guys in it appeared amused.
They worked in the uranium mines nearby. The mine explains the nice graded road out here.

That big sign had tricked me into thinking there would be signs to where I wanted to go,
but I guess Kanab Creek Overlook is not the same place as Kanab Point.

I backtrack and find the turnoff. No signs here.

There is a maze of these tracks out here. If I tried harder I could probably find the route to SB Point.
I wasn't in the mood for a bunch of hunt and peck riding so I tried to focus on just finding Kanab Point.

I find myself riding on a trail that wasn't even on the maps. The trail I need is off to the right. I find a track to head that way.
When I find the track I had intended to take it was overgrown and blocked by berms.

I went back to the track I had been on and decided to follow the heaviest traveled track through several intersections.
That worked out and I found myself back on the correct route.

Them's the rules.

The next 3 miles become rougher.

The track twists tightly through the trees and often had a center bump to high to cross. There was a tree growing
out into the apex of nearly every turn. So I had a choice at each corner, cross the hump or bust through tree branches.
I got a lot of Arizona Pinstriping on this section.

I reach Kanab Point and decide I'm done riding for the day. It was only 12:30.

I thought I would have the place to myself, but not 10 minutes later three trucks showed up.

I actually had fun visiting with these guys. The guy on the right had been out here 6 or 7 times. He said it was his favorite view.
He was also a Mohave County historian. He is the one that told me SB Point used to be named Son-of-a-Bitch Point.
He said the old cowboys named the canyon next to the point Son-of-a-Bitch Canyon because it was so hard to get the cows out of there.
After about 30 minutes the guys drove off leaving me all alone at one of the most spectacular places on earth.

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