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Originally Posted by The Chief (tm) View Post
It's been quite a while since I updated my GPS maps, so am wondering if Seppo or csustewy can answer what will undoubtedly be a ridiculous line of questioning.

In investigating mapping options for an upcoming trip down through mainland Mexico, I dug through, downloaded the "osm_generic_windows" .exe file, and also the appropriate "osm_generic_gmapsupp" .img file.


So, now what? Do I merely copy the big .img file onto the GPS' SD card, or do I have to do something with the files in the other directory? (There doesn't seem to be an executable in there, so I'm not sure what the next step is if it has to do with those.) Any and all advice appreciated!
Not a ridiculous line of questioning at all. I donīt have a computer anymore (long story), nor much time online, but hereīs a start from what I remember:

I only ever used that mapsupp.img file. Place it on the GPS SD card in a file folder thatīs named the exact same thing (GARMIN or something like that) as where your current mapsupp.img file lives. You can place the new .img file in the same folder, but be very careful with your file management, because if you delete that original file, or copy over it, it wonīt exist anymore. Use whatever system you want to keep it organized, rename folders (which worked for me, so I didnīt change file names, I just changed the folder names to remember which file was inside), rename files etc. The GPS will read the .img file in that one folder.

Now, with that said, fancier GPS devices have all sorts of nifty ways to load maps, pieces of maps - all of that is far beyond me. I think that the .exe file can be used in combination with Basecamp or similar program to piece together the map files you want, but I always just used the tile or country selections on that openstreetmaps site to get an .img file of the map that worked for me.

Hope these hints help. There are far better experts with GPS than me, though, so keep asking around...
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