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When I was younger, I had two relevant motorcycle crashes (and countless harmless on streets and field paths) and two car crashes.

One car crash was completely my fault (single vehicle) because I didn't gave attention to what I was doing, one car crash (single vehicle again) I wasn't able to handle the car on winterly streets and if it was a bit less fortunate timing it would have been a frontal crash with another car that very likely could have killed at least me (no seat belt).
One bike crash was on snow covered streets, the other was because I was too young and tried to overtake where I shouldn't.

So it wasn't someone else's poor decisions that bit me. And my worst injury was a twisted ankle - something that could as well have happened in the dirt.

What I want to say: I wasn't hell of a good rider nor did I have much luck getting away with that lack of skill and still I not only survived but wasn't noteworthy hurt. Only difference if I had been dirt riding would have been that I would have gone down more often and most likely would have had more twisted ankles.
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