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Hey Dude rode through Morocco and being a surfer myself was looking for waves along the coast which you will certainly find. I found this spot Moulay Bousselham (you will find it on Google maps if not let me know) its a few hundred k's north of the more popular spots down there and hopefully when you arrive you will be greeted with what I was a fantastic view of a left and right hander on either side of the smallish bay, when I asked the locals does anyone surf here they said "yeah we have a few windsurfer's come from time to time" ahahahahah you get the drift. There is a back beach not far that has reefs all along it and you may be lucky to find others surfers to share it with.

Ride safely and rubber side down always


PS lets hope you don't have any troubles getting through Angola a lot of people do even with visa's already granted, if you do however have any issues contact me and I know a French guy that followed that route he might be able to help you with information to move the bike through. Of course don't let anything stop your dream just deal with those problems as they come up with the help of friendly locals from every country you will have the good fortune to visit. Good luck and happy surfing.
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