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Originally Posted by Mark.F View Post
As it's deemed to dangerous to run a full length race,why can't they run a reduced length race or take a leaf out of the superbike boys book & have 2 races with 1/2 points for each leg? Surely that's safer than having them all turn up in pit lane at the same time?
So how short would each race have to be in order to fit two warmup laps, two starts, two races, one dummy grid and, one sighting lap into the allotted 1 hour tv schedule for those channels around the world that broadcast live? maybe 6 or 7 laps? Or they could just do two 14 lap races and then cut away from the program right as the lights are turning green for the 2nd race. Can't imagine any of the mouth breathers around here without the motogp subscription bitching about that.
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