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Originally Posted by rudk View Post
Noise-wise there are differences of over 20 dB between different helmet models. If you have a quiet helmet, stick +/- to the speed limits, don't ride only on the racetrack etc. I don't think you will seriously damage your hearing - for ex. during your daily commute to work.

Besides, use common sense. If you have a helmet and the noise level gets overbearing at 60 mph of course use plugs or change your helmet for a quiter model.

But again, you'll get Tinnitus more likely for reasons as mentioned by inmate Motor7 IMO.
"more likely" I can agree to that. neither of my helmets are supa dupa quiet... but by and large as helmets go they're far from the worst. (shoei qwest and rpha max) I wear them from time to time sans plugs... certainly do. but I notice there's a substantial difference with and without and there's no way I'm going to make a habit out of helmet only. I can tell better and therefore know better. doesn't take a medical degree to recognize these things. it's like shooting... if you don't wear hearing protection you will notice. but am I going to wear it hunting? no (although I know they make protection for hunting, not going to bother. ok... skip that, depends on what I am hunting and the conditions. anyway getting off subject...

I still say most people that don't wear hearing protection do so because of either stubbornness or ignorance. I am ignorant on this subject no more and while I can be a bit stubborn I prefer to do so in a less dumb-ass manner.
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