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Originally Posted by tastroman View Post
You will have to pardon my ignorance as I have never taken a cross country trip and minus a couple gravel roads it's been 35 years since I've piloted a dirt bike but I'm wondering why has no manufacturer released a sub 500cc 80% street, 20% dirt ADV bike. I know there are a couple dirt oriented offerings and I'm familiar with the current crop of 650's but I'm thinking more along the lines of something in the 300-400cc range. Something like a baby Wee Strom.
I'm certainly not suggesting there should be, I'm more just curious as to why a bike like this would fail as a cross country mover.
It isn't just the 300-400cc ADV bikes that are lacking in the US lineup offerings. That size is lacking in almost ALL the offerings here. It is just in recent years that mfrs came back into this size range, and they still aren't offered in the same numbers as the larger bikes. The Ninja 300 is a bike that was upped in displacment from the Ninja 250. Kawi didn't just decide to offer a 300. It evolved from a pre-existing bike.

I predict a slow creep up in displacement from current small-displacement offerings, for the most part. Most mfrs don't do like Honda, and just come out with a lineup of 500cc twins out of the blue. These things usually evolve from an existing offering.

Mfrs would want to know that an offering could sell before it's worth it for them to enter into costly development and production.
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