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Originally Posted by Elusion View Post
I'm curious how inmates get their percentage? Are you comparing miles/km-ON-road to miles/km-OFF-road or are you comparing Time?
I DON'T define it that way. Our slab around here is posted 70MPH, but almost nobody goes that slow. A bike capable of cruising comfortably at 75-80MPH is what most people around here would want to be on if they actually want to be able to get around without carefully planning how to avoid slab. By just personal observation, those are the kinds of motos that most riders around here seem to be on...big cruisers and big sportbikes. Any slab-capable/dirt-capable motos that I see tend to be big BMW and Suzuki DL adv bikes. The Tiger 800 XC or F800Gs occasionally puts in an appearance, but I see the heavier bikes more frequently. I see quite a few thumper dualsports around towns too, but almost never see them on the slab. At around 367lb curb, I'm usually on the lightest bike out on the slab that I see locally.

By comparison, heading off the pavement around here usually lands you in soft sand or mud pretty quick. This is the kind of terrain that looks/seems simple at first glance, but I read a LOT of posts about how even the big thumpers are a handful in sand, let alone a big multi-cylinder bike that's over 500lb. Then one can factor in that many dualsports, even smaller ones, often aren't offered/equipped with sand-friendly treads. The off-pavement ventures around here can get pretty difficult for many riders without even being an issue for a Toyota Corolla. I almost never see multi-cylinder bikes off-pavement around here. Outside of people I've met through this site, I almost never even see ANY street-legal bikes off-pavement around here. The vast majority of dirt riders I encounter seem to be on an off-pavement-only bike, or on a quad.

I therefore ride about an 80/80 bike. It'll comfortably cruise 80MPH 2up on slab. It can also exceed 80MPH in the sand without killing me.
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